Human manipulation is child’s play: arm yourself against social engineering!

Jasper Kluitman

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In data security the weakest link is all too often a human being. Despite security measures such as firewalls, passwords and even security staff trained to keep intruders out, it is sometimes childishly simple to get access to confidential information by using manipulation techniques to influence people. Human behavior and the protection of confidential information are closely linked. Without intending to do so, someone who is inattentive can open the digital doors to hackers and give them access to confidential information, allowing them to commit identity fraud and more. People are continuously being manipulated, influenced and misled. Not only by advertisers, call center agents, online shopping sites and car dealers, but also by colleagues, friends and cybercriminals who want something from them. More and more frequently, we see cybercriminals taking advantage of human weaknesses in a variety of ways.